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09 May 2015 @ 05:14 pm
"you'll know beauty when it punches you in the face."  
This is my giant rec list, which goes through all my main fandoms as well as just general things I really love on the internet. If you ever have a rainy day with nothing to do, hopefully this will prevent you from dying of boredom. Enjoy!

[Last update: 01.13.2013 to Community, Sherlock (BBC), Teen Wolf, and Micellaneous Fandom [Inception, Skyfall, Star Trek]. New finds at the bottoms of their sections with two stars next to the title.]

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The Avengers


A Partial Dictionary Of The 21st Century By Captain Steve Rogers, US Army by sam_storyteller: Steve is adapting well to the new millennium, and he has the dictionary to prove it. Possibly my favorite Steve/Tony fic. Steve/Tony. R. 13,972 words.

Shatter by aria: "Loki," Odin says, heavy with disappointment and regret for all he has to raise his voice, "Odinson. I cast you out." A truly great AU in which Loki is the one who gets cast out of Asgard. Thor/Loki. M. 32,209 words.

Honey, I Can See The Stars by twentysomething: A quite adorable and fun fic of Tony's attempts to seduce Captain America and break Clause V. Steve/Tony. M. 11,701 words.

The Days Were Bright Red by paxlux: This fic has a really lovely and unique dark fairytale feel. I would say more, but it would rather ruin the author's story construction. Suffice to say you should definitely read it. Thor/Loki. PG-13. 4,301 words.

Ready, Fire, Aim by gyzym: In Tony Stark's opinion, Captain America is a dick. Funny and also sweet. Steve/Tony. M. 21,006 words.

All Hands Against Our Own by stereobone: "Cut my hair, brother," he says. "Like you used to." Or, four times Loki cut Thor’s hair and one time Thor cut Loki's. Thor/Loki. PG. 3,407 words.

Mr. July by jibrailis: Everyone except Tony signs up for a dirty calendar photoshoot. Hilarity ensues. Steve/Tony. NC-17. 10,453 words.

I Stole The Keys To This Guy by kellifer_fic: Fury is telling them that when it comes to public appearances, they are for the immediate future, "together." Nick Fury decides on a somewhat ill-planned PR maneouver. Steve/Tony. M. 6,007 words.

Four Times The Avengers Cockblocked Tony Stark (And One Time They Didn't) by misspamela: The title says it all, I think. Steve/Tony. PG-13. 2,794 words.

The Very Secret Diary of Captain Steve G. Rodgers in the Twenty-First Century by ykoriana: Short but awesome fic in which all Avengers do their best to get with Steve Rodgers. Steve/Tony. PG-13. 827 words.

These Three Things Remain by siria: Steve Rodgers slowly adjusts to the 21st century, with a great deal of help from Tony Stark. Steve/Tony. PG-13. 7,449 words.

Cold Making Warmth by sheafrotherdon: A very cute fic in which Steve gives everyone the perfect Christmas gifts. Steve/Tony. PG-13. 2,436 words.

Telephone by anonymous: Loki is mortally injured by the latest Supernatural Monster of the Day, and calls the wrong number for help. Adorable and sad in turns. Gen. PG-13. Medium amount of words.



Snippets by whimsicalcircles: An assortment of Troy/Abed drabbles, snapshots of their odd little life together. I love pretty much all of these. Troy/Abed. PG-13. 2,902 words.

Four Times Troy And Abed Had A Great Idea by pokerowan: Cute. Cute cute cute. Troy/Abed. PG. 840 words.

A Beaver, a Sloth, and a Lemming Do a Group Presentation on Grammar by ifanythingelse: Five times Annie though Abed and Troy were going to get her an F and the one time they got her an A.Troy/Abed. R. 1,024 words.

And Now Back To You Mr. Barnes by soymade: Everybody is reading way too much into Troy and Abed's student film projects. Yeesh. Troy/Abed. PG. 2,500 words.

The High School After High School by neigedens: Abed's almost positive that Troy's been kidnapped, but the first hurdle, of course, is always convincing others to see what's right in front of their eyes. A thoroughly enjoyable mystery fic. Troy/Abed. PG-13. 16,278 words.

With Love, Comes a Movie Reference by undrscoredom2nd: Singing puppet vampires and Zombieland lead to deep romantic insights. Troy/Abed. G. 627 words.

The Feel-Good Movie Of The Summer by crazykittyhead: Abed tries to figure out what movie he and Troy are in. Troy/Abed. PG-13. 4,768 words.

Social Engagement by turntap2: "Annie, Abed and I were talking--and we want you to plan our wedding." Troy/Abed. PG. 450 words.

Snapshots by pink_bambi13: Snapshots of Troy and Abed, and the various moments which defined their relationship. Troy/Abed. PG. 2,484 words.

Agricultural Architecture by straydog733: When the Dean sets up a corn maze in the quad, some get lost, and some find just what they are looking for. Troy/Abed. PG. 376 words.

Mountain Exploration for Beginners by throwdini: Troy and Abed get stuck in a cave overnight. Troy/Abed. G. 3,020 words.

Un-Needed Metaphors by preromantics: Wherein metaphors need to be changed, Abed has trouble thinking right when Troy is touching him, Abed takes a punch, and there are references to Spiderman. Troy/Abed. PG-13. 2,500 words.

**Dream Analysis 101 by Agnes_Bean: The first time Troy dreamed about Abed, it was weird. And that's just the beginning. Troy/Abed. PG-13. 940 words.

**Fitter, Happier, More Productive by toft: Britta decides Abed and Troy should be honest with the group about their relationship. A very fun fic full of exceptional and in-character dialogue. Troy/Abed. PG-13. 4,109 words.

**Advanced Ambulatory Ichthyology by gyzym: Course provides advanced instruction in avoidance of the phenomenon commonly known as "jumping the shark." Prerequisites for this course include Introduction to Friendship, Contemporary Best Friendship, The Politics of Emotional Baggage and Cohabitation 207. Students may wish to simultaneously enroll in our sister course, Introduction to Non-Traditional Romance, but said enrollment is optional. Troy/Abed. PG-13. 48,844 words.

**Citizens of Amity by thingswithwings: Includes many hugs. Probably canon. A fun, cute fic. Troy/Abed. PG. 1,056 words.


Somewhere Out There by twwings: An almost unbearably adorable video. Just—ALL THE FEELS. Troy/Abed. 2:07 min.

Forever Yours by HaganeOkami: Tied with the above for my absolute favorite Troy/Abed video. Troy/Abed. 2:48 min.

If It's Love by Brevanna03: Great song choice and great choices of lyric/scene pairings. Troy/Abed. 2:54 min.

Breaking Habits Just To Fall In Love by riseagainphoenix: Not amazing editing, but the song is cute, so I figured I would include it anyway. Troy/Abed. 3:39 min.

TV Taught Me How To Feel by oldgaby0189: A character video on (who else) Abed Nadir. Perfect song choice, great editing. Gen. 2:00 min.

At Least It Was Here by Elphiyero10: This video will fill you with all the goddamn feels. Jeff/Annie, Troy/Britta, Troy/Abed. 2:58 min.



Waiting by podicus: Thom waiting for the airmen to return from their last flight. PG-13. 1,611 words.

The Aftermath by alembiczenith: Luvander and Ghislain after the last flight. (Scroll down.) PG-13. 336 words.

ROYSTON MY LOVE by fangirlsdaja: Pure crack, based on Kate Beaton's famous Mr. Darcy comic. Royston/Hal, Rook/Thom. PG-13. 427 words.

Seeds of Madness by nightmarepalace: A subtle elaboration on the tensions between Rook and Thom, charming and just the right length. Rook/Thom. PG-13 for language. 640 words.

Fallout And Farewell by iambickilometer: Raphael and Ivory after the last flight. PG-13. 738 words.

Spirits of Winter by Schattenstern: Royston, Hal, and wintertime. Nice and simple. Royston/Hal. PG. 1,195 words.

Blue As He's Painted by Jain: Balfour suffering the Airman hazing ritual. PG-13. 1,161 words.

Postcards From Nowhere by laliandra: Balfour writes to Thom during his travels. PG. 728 words.

World Weary Travelers by laliandra: A short but sweet fic of Rook and Thom on their travels. PG. 384 words.

Payback by sparkism: Thom and the Corps playing poker. PG. 577 words.

The Brightly Burning by gogollescent: One of the classic "fireflies" fics. G. 828 words.

Interlude by plazmah: "You could say it started on the balcony; but that was just the beginning, a kind of prelude to the main event." Rook/Thom. PG-13. 977 words.

Eerie For The Knowledge by ldkirby: Rook and Thom traveling. Rook/Thom. PG-13. 1,152 words.

Untitled by cheloya: The events leading up to Rook's decision to bring Thom along. I love this one quite a bit, actually. PG-13. 540 words.

Standards by cheloya: Travel fic! Rook/Thom. R. 5,905 words.

Harry Potter


The Shoebox Project by lady_jaida and dorkorific: THE ONLY HP FANFIC YOU NEED EVER READ. And I'm actually kind of serious, because unfortunately no other HP fic I've read has ever compared in brilliance, beauty or hilarity. In case you (sadly) haven't heard of it before, it's a Marauders-era fic that's about the size of a proper novel and is still unfinished (much to the dismay of many). Remus/Sirius. PG-13. Some impossibly large number of words.

The Shortest Distance Between Two People by riko: A beautiful fic about Sirius' years at Hogwarts. Sirius/Remus. PG-13. 8,047 words.

The Dog is a Gentleman by orange_crushed: A simple but very lovely fic with pretty much everything you would expect from a Marauders fic. Sirius/Remus. PG. 1,221 words.

Angels, and Arise, Arise by imochan: A very post-modern and impressionistic piece, but quite lovely, so long as you're willing to use your brain. Sirius/Remus. R. 1,478 words.

Memory Kisses by gildedmuse: Remus and so many (SO MANY) first kisses. Very lovely. Sirius/Remus. PG. 4,735 words.

Hermione, Queen of Witches by arabella: Wonderful fics written in diary-style, giving Hermione's point of view for the first four books. Books 3 and 4 are definitely the best, while 1 and 2 are fun but lack the deepness of character and revelations of the latter two. Gen. PG to PG-13. Lots of words.


Marchin' On by dazzleme7: A beautiful video that never fails to send me weeping through the vales of nostalgia. Gen. 4:12 min.


accioBRAIN! from Makani: A collection of all the HP fanart Makani ever drew. There's some gorgeous stuff, so I really suggest you take a look.


Mark Reads Harry Potter: A fantastic blog where a guy (Mark) reads through the whole of HP from start to finish, posting a review of each chapter. He starts off rather unenthused, but that's probably because he just got done reviewing Twilight. Needless to say, he gets into it pretty quickly and from that point on it's delightful fun, since following all of his reactions feels like getting to read the books for the first time again yourself. IT'S GREAT. (To move forward, hit previous post at the top of the page. Otherwise, navigation is a nightmare.)

Summary Executions: Greatest Hits from mctabby: An incredible collection of all the most bizarre HP fanfic summaries out there. Some quickly picked favorites: Draco leaves Ginny because she's so..whats the word....I dunno. and "When you’re so lost you want to rip your organs out through your throat and smear them all over everyone around you, just so they know that you exist..."



Everything Ever by derryere: Consistently great reads. It was pretty hard to choose favorites, but I would most recommend At Least It Would Seem That We Don't and NECKIINNNN.

The History of Two Conversations (On Paper) by takadainmate: Books are defaced. But it's all for a good cause. Really. Merlin/Arthur. M. 11,114 words.

We're The Last Of The Lookers (or Merlin uses Facebook) by blanknwrite: I think the title is pretty clear on this one. So many lulz. Merlin/Arthur. 1,730 words.

Caught by silkmoth101: Magical and romantic reveal, plus throwing up. It verges on horribly saccharine at the end, but otherwise it's fun. Merlin/Arthur. PG-13. 3,030 words.

(Wires/Fingers) Crossed by robot_sky: In which Merlin is promoted, Gwen is upset, Morgana is lewd, and Arthur thinks he’s getting some free sexing. Although I personally like to summarize this fic with my favorite line: Why does everybody here speak in euphemisms? Merlin/Arthur. PG. 1,878 words.

Arthur's Favorite by crabby_lioness: Arthur and Merlin's relationship as seen through various eyes. Merlin/Arthur. PG. 505 words.

Different Perceptions by gonrie: Pretty similar to the one above in generalities, but very different in actual content, so please give it a read! Implied Merlin/Arthur. PG. 2,739 words.

Rules of Propriety by philote_auctor: A dinner party, a foreign princess, a foul-tasting fruitcake, and the ugliest yellow outfit ever seen. Just another night in Camelot, unfortunately. A very charming fic, with lots of great lines. PG. 7,094 words.

The Difference Between Us by thewordtree: Arthur has been invited on an important embassy to a part of Wales that has not outlawed magic. Uther fears for his son's safety. His answer: Merlin must act as a body double. Mild Merlin/Arthur. PG-13. 7,500 words.

Four Things One Should Know About Merlin (and One Thing Nobody Knows About Arthur) by adelagia: Just a really sweet and well-written fic. Mild Merlin/Arthur. PG. 3,100 words.

Love, Toast, And Post-It Notes by themadlurker: It was love at first sight, and Merlin knew it - when it came to the flat, that was. Merlin wasn't anything like as clear about the man he was going to have to live with. My absolute favorite Merlin fic. Merlin/Arthur. PG-13. 6,644 words.

Directional Convergence by cherrybina: AU. Merlin tutors Arthur in Calculus, so naturally Arthur sneaks in through Merlin's window so they can make out. Merlin/Arthur. PG-13. 2,588 words.

Even The Best Of Friends by rah_rah_ramen: Modern day AU about the boys being stupidly, obliviously in love with each other. In which Merlin still ends up being Arthur's manservant, somehow (he does his laundry), and Arthur is an arrogant prat. Merlin/Arthur. NC-17. 15,533 words.

Something More Than This Desperation by Anonymous: Modern AU. Arthur's adventures through (a) internet dating and (b) love. Merlin/Arthur. PG-13. 12,800 words.

Reversal Of Fortune by Anonymous: A delightfully unusual modern AU in which Merlin is the one in charge and Arthur is the one fetching coffees. Merlin/Arthur. PG-13.

Love In The Time Of Scholar-a by itachitachi: A modern AU with all the Merlin characters as professors. Fun, as well as v. funny. Merlin/Arthur. R. 9,063 words.

Unflappable by burnishedspells: Merlin helps Arthur dress. Short and sweet. Merlin/Arthur. G. 526 words.

Four Ways Arthur Fails At Courting Merlin, And One Way He Doesn't by lavvyan: Very cute and funny. Merlin/Arthur. PG. 821 words.

Everyday by phantomjam: Arthur has an entire catalogue of ways to kiss Merlin. Merlin/Arthur. PG. 1,200 words.

Obeisance by casspeach: A shamelessly hurt/comfort fic, but y'know, a well-done trope is usually a trope worth reading. Merlin/Arthur. PG-13. 5,841 words.

Ideas of Love by vampyreofdeath: Arthur is not in love with Gwen; he is in love with the idea of her. I like this fic a lot because it has a very unique concept. Merlin/Arthur. PG. 2,048 words.

Bookends by lo0o0ony_lauren: A wonderfully intimate and well-written character-study piece. PG. 1,783 words.

Within The Confines Of Such Chemistry by freshly_ground: An AU in which Merlin lives with the druids and Arthur is sent out to capture him on his father's orders. SUCH A GREAT IDEA. Mild Merlin/Arthur. PG. 2,531 words.

You Are My Sweetest Downfall by thisissirius: A coda (or more like an alternate ending, I guess) for 2.07 (The Witchfinder). Mild Merlin/Arthur. PG-13. 1,297 words.

Celebrations by i_claudia: Arthur's birthday vs. Merlin's birthday. Merlin/Arthur. PG-13. 4,500 words.

Love Potion No. 9, or: A Midsummer Night's Dream in Camelot! by rubberbutton: Ah, the classic love potion fic. This one is quite funny and well done, though, so I say it's worth reading. Merlin/Arthur. PG-13. 6,500 words.

How Merlin Learned to Stop Worrying and Love His Destiny by mint_amaretto: Remember that article about 'Campalot' a few months back? That was some major exaggeration there, but what if everyone in Camelot really was gay? SO MUCH CRACK I LOVE THIS FIC. Merlin/Arthur. R. 9,140 words.

Only A Model by twoskeletons: Let's not go to Camelot. 'Tis a silly place. G. 785 words.

Pairing Pendragon by anonymous: Arthur is a BNF and Merlin is his prized beta. One of the best Merlin fics I've ever read, both hilarious and touching, not to mention deliciously meta. Merlin/Arthur. PG-13. 24,500 words.

We're A Storm In Somebody Else's Teacup by paperclipbitch: A really great epic-length AU with well-developed characterization, enjoyable writing, and, most novel of all, non-evil Morgana. Merlin/Arthur. PG-13. SO MANY WORDS.

Vicarious Matchmaking by anonymous: Merlin is seventeen, in the upper sixth-form and has no boyfriend. He might want one. His best friend, Arthur, is equally seventeen, has been around, and wants to help Merlin with everything he’s got. Cue his matchmaking efforts. Merlin/Arthur. R. 44,859 words.

A New Low by rosie_rues: Diabetic!Merlin stuck in a lift with Arthur. Super cute and fun. Merlin/Arthur. PG-13. 14,957 words.

Stranded by fluffssnowflake: Future!Arthur comes back in time to help the present Merlin and Arthur in dire circumstances. A great idea and carried out delightfully well. Merlin/Arthur. R. 5,600 words.


Crazy In Love by cappy & sisabet: THE BEST MERLIN FANVID EVER MADE. Unparalleled in brilliance and hilarity, because how much better can it get than Merlin as Beyonce and Arthur as Jay-Z? Merlin/Arthur. 3:57 min.

9 to 5 by newkidfan: The life of a manservant is hard work. I just love the editing on this one - short but fantastically done. Gen. 1:20 min.

Hey Juliet by jadestartsriots: This vid is adorable and fills me with fuzzy happy feelings. Merlin/Arthur. 2:57 min.

Waterloo by dingogrrl: Another adorable vid, which I mostly love for its incredibly literal visual representations of metaphorical lyrics. Also, bonus points for including the most adorable Colin Morgan face ever at 0:24. Merlin/Arthur. 2:01 min.

With My Whole Heart by lolilie: A beautiful video of all the main characters using "White Blank Page" from Mumford & Sons. Gen. 4:03 min.

Merlin as a Romantic Comedy by voldemortswilly: An adorable rom-com-type trailer. Merlin/Arthur. 2:16 min.

Two Sides of the Same Coin by Sivandivan: A
simply gorgeous reflective vid. Merlin/Arthur. 1:36 min.

Bird Song Intro by MsLyraGW: "I came back because you're the only friend that I have, and I couldn't bear to lose you." Another gorgeous reflective vid that I could just watch again and again. (And have.) Merlin/Arthur. 1:16 min.

Echo by crazygirl786: The song is perhaps a bit sappy, but the editing is sublime, so I couldn't care less. Merlin/Arthur. 3:25 min.

Somewhere Only We Know by aandthenyou: A rather bittersweet fanvid with some lovely editing. Merlin/Arthur. 3:20 min.


Heart vs. Brain by epicblueblanket: I have downloaded a hell of a lot of Merlin fanmixes in my time, and this one is the absolute best. There are a couple tracks of which I'm not overly fond, but by and large, it's pretty awesome. Merlin/Arthur. 13 tracks.


Comedy Recaps by frantic_allonsy: Alright, as much as I (obviously) love this show, part of why I love it is that it can be so ridiculously bad. (Not that it can't be amazingly good either, but those episodes don't tend to be as hilarious.) Frantic Allonsy does a great job of heckling while still being funny and not just being mean. If you need to be convinced, check out her recap for The Poisoned Chalice and try to get through it without feeling like you're about to die of laughter. Sample Quote: "Episode 4 - The Poisoned Chalice: In which Elton John says, boys, could you gay it down a bit?"

Comedy Recaps/Picspams by mcgooglykins: MOAR HILARITY. Sample Quote: "Just to prove that blood isn't always invisible, the props team have kindly smeared some on this redcoat's hand. But not his wound."

Comedy Recaps/Picspams by ifyouweremine: Another quite funny set of episode recaps. Sample Quote: "WHY DOES EVERYBODY SCALE MOTHERFUCKING WALLS LIKE MOTHERFUCKING JASON BOURNE IN THIS SHOW? "


Merlin Cast Picspam by moccalicious: Pretty much everything the title says. Absolutely gorgeous.

10 Reasons Why You Should Ship Merlin/Arthur by yourmanuscript: THEY'RE JUST ALL SO TRUE. (Especially #7.)

Must Be Saturday by sallyna_smile: Again - SO TRUE.

Episode Picspams by letsey_x: This girl makes some of the most gorgeous picspams ever - and she makes them for SO MANY EPISODES. She doesn't have a specific tag for her Merlin picspams, but they make up the majority, so just scroll down to get to them (although you should really take a look at all her picspams, because they are all totally worth it).

Sherlock (BBC)


Space Travel by candle_beck: I LOVE THIS FIC. Seriously, I have read it about thirty times, mostly because I was analyzing the hell out of it for use in a paper about astronomy in BBC's Sherlock, and it still stuns me every time with its impossible beauty. Sherlock/John. R. 5,319 words.

Homemaking by rageprufrock: One of my favorite Sherlock fics, without question. Funny as well as thoughtful. Gen. PG-13. 4,535 words.

The Dangerous Book for Boys by orange_crushed: A fantastic AU fic where Sherlock and John meet at secondary school. Sherlock/John (mild). PG-13. 14,289 words.

Thought Experiments by libraryofsol: A delightfully fun fic with too many great lines to count. My favorite would probably be: "Are we having sex or are we in some sort of mutual and overly familiar book club?" Sherlock/John. R. 7,300 words.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics by libraryofsol: An adorable four-part series of all that can result from one bad snowstorm and one broken heater. (Scroll to the bottom for the first one.) Sherlock/John. PG-13 to R. 16,260 words.

The Perils of Urban Warfare by phantomjam: The problems of acclimatising to civilian life a.k.a the travails of John, his therapist and Sherlock. A lovely fic, although I do wish the ending was a bit less pat. Sherlock/John. PG-13. 7,300 words.

The Trick Is To Make It Look Easy by paperclipbitch: Nothing particularly unique about this one, but it's still an amusing and charming "let's just get together already my god" fic. Sherlock/John. PG-13. 4,220 words.

The Death and Resurrection of the English Language by wordstrings: Sherlock Holmes has recently grown aware that the problem must be one of language. I find this fic particularly interesting because her Sherlock goes beyond sociopath and into the realms of the dangerously psychotic. It's actually part of a larger series, but this is my favorite of them all, with some incredible black humor making an appearance. Sherlock/John. R. 15,666 words.

Drowning Man by irisbleufic: A post-1.03 fic chock full of T.S. Eliot references, so, of course, how could I not love it? (The sequels are alright, but sadly lacking in Eliot.) Sherlock/John. R. 1,923 words.

Delayed Reaction by cj_ludd18: In which John Watson suffers under the delusion that he's only gay after that third vodka martini, and is proven wrong in the best way possible (i. e. sex). A charmingly comedic fic with many a delightful line. Sherlock/John. PG-13. 4,480 words.

Entropy by cj_ludd18: A rather Inception-esque mindbending coda fic for The Great Game that will leave you in awe. Sherlock/John. R for language. 4,700 words.

The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by ivyblossom: Sherlock is head over heels for John, but you wouldn't know it by looking at him. A stunningly written fic, pulled off beautifully in 1st person Sherlock pov, with exquisitely rendered emotional agony. (Also check out The Quiet Man by the same author.) Sherlock/John. R. 62,006 words.

London Calling by chaletian: A delightfully witty and adorable fic about John Watson and his phone. Gen. PG. 845 words.

Alone on the Water by madlorific: It's pretty rare you can write a fic this heart-breakingly angsty and still pull it off. So I think that says a fair bit about how beautiful and skilled this writing must be. Sherlock/John. G. 7,667 words.

The Magic of Deduction by writingispurdy: John Watson spends seven years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he meets the boy who will become the greatest man he'll ever know. (And she even sorted them into the right houses!) Sherlock/John. PG-13. Lots of words.

Daily Diary by dragonsquill: Mycroft's daily diary, dealing with the hard life that is brought on by being Sherlock's big brother. Sherlock/John. G. 932 words.

404 Error: File Not Found by nejem: A very lovely (and unfortunately short) fic about an older Sherlock with memory loss. Sherlock/John. G. 1,237 words.

The Love Song of Two Idiots by skipanddi: The eighth time Sherlock proposed to John, it was on a Thursday afternoon in the middle of a Tesco. And like the seven times before, he got rejected. This is part of a larger series, but I suggest reading it standalone. (The later ones are fun, but verge on the side of trite.) All you need know is that John and Sherlock have already crossed the makeout barrier. Sherlock/John. PG. 7,868 words.

Duvet (green) by mazarin221b: Sherlock needs to defragement, so he restructures his Mind Palace to look like 221b. A really nice fic, well-paced and well-written. Sherlock/John. PG. 2,100 words.

Flowers In A Box by samlicker113: The finest Sherlock fic ever written. Sherlock/John (I guess). M. Not too many words.

The Sensation Of Falling As You Just Hit Sleep by greywash: A well-written post-Reichenbach fic that is just an all-around good read. It would be a good idea not to start this fic when you have other stuff you should be doing. Sherlock/John. R. 82,819 words.

Don't Leave Me Here Alone by kim47: A post-Reichenbach fic with a somewhat more unusual take on events. Sherlock/John. PG-13. 3,200 words.

His Favourite Four-Letter F-Words by cathedralcarver: Sort of post-Reichenbach, but mostly a series of scattered memories. I absolutely love this fic. You should read it. Sherlock/John. PG-13. 3,500 words.

Art of the Reasoner by tellytubby101: A world in which Sherlock is an artist, not a detective. Though that doesn’t mean he can’t help solve crimes. AU. Although it is sadly lacking in makeouts, this fic is wonderfully well-written and just all around excellent. Gen. M. 44,328 words.

The Long Drive by stupid_drawings: Sherlock, John, and Lestrade on a road trip together, stuck in the same car for hours. This fic is absolutely hilarious. Gen. PG. 2,475 words.

Make Whole What Has Been Smashed by Charlie J (gigantic): An AU in which Sherlock is living backwards. I almost cried at the end, so obviously this fic is pretty quality. Sherlock/John. M. 12,511 words.

The Quiet Man by ivyblossom: A post-Reichenbach fic wherein John Watson finds himself reliving his memories of Sherlock until they begin to alter themselves. The Quiet Man is essentially one of the finest creations in all of fandom, and it has taken over my life with its beauty. You should all go read it, so that we can cry together over our laptops for John Watson and the tragedy that is his entire life. Sherlock/John. R. 157,369 words.

The Least of All Possible Mistakes by rageprufrock: A WIP epic that I guarantee you will love. I'm usually not a fan of genderbend fics, but since I've always kind of wished they'd cast a female Lestrade, this fic is all my dreams come true. Lestrade/Mycroft. R. WIP.

**Stranger At The Gate by bendingsignpost: As far as initiation rites go, kidnapping a human doctor from a defended town ought to seem extreme. When James Moriarty offers him the challenge, Sherlock never considers saying no. Fantasy vampire AU. The last couple chapters got a little too weird for me, but I loved the rest of it. Sherlock/John. M. 85,190 words.

**Darkling, I Listen by You_Light_The_Sky: No one who enters old London ever comes out. They say that the beast devours them. When his sister disappears, John ventures into the dead zone beyond the wall, and finds a brilliant madman under a terrible curse. This story is loosely based off of beauty and the beast with nods to various fairy tales. I love this fic sooooooo much and I really just wish it would update because it's only two chapters away from being finished. Beautifully written with a super cool fantasy world. Sherlock/John. M. WIP.


Troublemaker by aislynn815: A perfect song with excellent editing. My mother loves this video, actually. So you should love it too. Gen. 2:08 min.

I'm Not Your Boyfriend by angellovergirl24: A deplorably short but incredibly fun video. Gen (basically). 0:37 min.

Sherlock'd In His Pants by ddraggy: I feel like there is one of these videos for every single fandom. And they are always hilarious. (As much as we would all like to pretend that we are not fifteen-year-old boys.) Sherlock/John (comedically). 2:32 min.

Cosmic Love by beadedstar: A very lovely (but rather sad) video. Just give it a watch. Sherlock/John. 1:41 min.

Because I'm Awesome by deirdrecee: My favorite Supernatural fanvid maker turns her hand to Sherlock, and I am rightfully ecstatic over the results. Gen. 2:19 min.

Will You Do This For Me? by katrindepp: A heartbreaking and beautifully edited video focusing on The Fall and everything leading up to it. As the maker says: EVERYTHING IS REICHENBACH AND EVERYTHING HURTS. Gen. 3:08 min.

The Seven Nation Army by thedoctorsassisstant: The best Moriarty fanvid ever made. Just--watch it. I have nothing else to say. Gen. 1:11 min.

Waited Long Enough by ladysteena: AU long time after Reichenbach. Before returning Sherlock prepares John. Incredible editing. Prepare yourself for emotions. Gen. 1:48 min.

I Can Do Anything Better Than You: Sherlock vs. The Doctor by liisakee: The title says it all, really. While the editing is not exactly immaculate, it is good enough to get the (hilarious) point across, and that's really all you need. Gen. 1:57 min.

Sherlock BBC | fun!trailer by KatrinDepp: If Sherlock were a comedy show...how would the trailer look like? Gen. 2:25 min.

Do You Want To Have An Adventure? by Deductism: A beautiful minilock vid that gives me all the feels. Make sure you read the plot in the description box, as it adds a lot. Gen. 1:19 min.

Sherlock Song Spoof by KatrinDepp: Basically one giant video of hilarious song spoofs. Enjoy. Gen (mostly). 7:38 min.


Vol. I and Vol. II of A Softer World Remixes by crayon_scrawls: A surprisingly clever crossover idea. Even if you've never read A Softer World, they still make perfect sense, so don't let that stop you from checking them out!

A Softer World Remixes by hehangs: More of the same, but with better graphic quality and equally lovely meshings.
ilfirin_estelilfirin_estel on February 14th, 2012 01:07 am (UTC)

I randomly found this and just wanted to say thanks for the rec! :D